Limited supply exclusively at Rockpool.

Executive Chef Corey Costelloe, from the Rockpool group, has been extremely supportive of the development of the Blackmore Rubia Gallega and currently has exclusivity to this new and exciting product.

The meat at Rockpool Bar & Grill is sourced directly from the producers and dry aged on the premises. The dry ageing process is important as it brings a better flavour to the beef than that of the more common wet aging in cryovac, which in essence is really preserving the beef. This however takes a big commitment as we have many tonnes of beef ageing at any one time. We believe that the types of beef we have are representative of the best of their type in Australia. Blackmore Rubia Gallega fits into the strict Rockpool philosophy of humane treatment to the cattle. There are no growth hormones used and no antibiotic feed supplements. This is a rare thing in Australia today, particularly with the standard lot fed cattle.

Blackmore Rubia Gallega is only available in very limited numbers from Rockpool Bar & Grill.