Blackmore Rubia Gallega featured.

Rubia Gallega: Australia Has a New Premium Beef That’s More Tender Than Wagyu, Extremely Rare, and Available In Only One Restaurant

19th November 2021 | Pilar Mitchell

Its meat is twice the size of an Angus, and marbled like Wagyu, with an earthy, nutty flavour. You’ll find it in one restaurant in the country, and even then only very occasionally.

The first time Hunter St Hospitality culinary director and Rockpool Bar & Grill executive chef Corey Costelloe saw a Rubia Gallega carcass he was shocked at the size. "It was very striking – almost double the size of any other animal we have – like something from The Flintstones," he says.

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Rubia Gallega: Blackmore’s new breed

26th October 2021 | Alison Turner

The name David Blackmore is synonymous with premium Wagyu beef. The pioneering Victorian breeder has won countless accolades and an unrivalled reputation for his full-blood Wagyu. And if you’ve ever tasted Blackmore Wagyu, you’ll understand why. Now, as Blackmore approaches his 71st birthday, he’s handing over the reins of the Wagyu business to his son Ben. But rather than rest idle, Blackmore has undertaken a whole new enterprise with an entirely new breed. Dubbed his “retirement project”, Blackmore is bringing the Spanish heritage breed Rubia Gallega to some of our finest restaurants.

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Rubia Gallega, the new premium beef coming to fine-dining restaurants

10th October 2021 | Warwick Long | ABC Rural

Tall, strong, cinnamon to orange in colour and a “nice sexy name” are the attributes of an animal that a beef industry pioneer believes will be the latest thing on the menu at Australia's best restaurants.

The new breed of cattle is David Blackmore's "retirement" plan. He was the mastermind behind premium Wagyu cattle in Australia.

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Wagyu pioneer adds new grassfed breed to Australia

16th September 2021 | Eric Barker

VICTORIAN Wagyu pioneer David Blackmore has added a new breed of cattle to Australia, processing his first carcase of beef from the enormous Spanish Rubia Gallega breed earlier this year.

Mr Blackmore was one of the first in the country to import Wagyu genetics and is widely regarded as a leading producer of Fullblood Wagyu beef, selling to some of Australia and the world’s best restaurants.

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